Block Island

With the summer drawing to a close, we wanted to capitalize on one more weekend out of the city.  There’s nothing quite like a weekend on a New England island with great friends.  We had heard only positive things of Block Island, Rhode Island (and even saw it in one of our favorite shows, The Affair) and it was easily accessible without a car.  Luckily, our good friends Emily and JC were also interested in a weekend out of a city and jumped on board to make it a group getaway! The weekend was a relaxing time at a bed & breakfast, complimented by bike rides around the island, beach time, and perhaps more mudslide drinks than necessary.

Friday August 28th

We took a Friday afternoon (summer Fridays!) train ride out of Penn Station to New London, CT, where we were to catch a ferry to Block Island.  We had an hour or so to kill so decided to wander into town and find a cold brewski to start the weekend off right. We walked a few minutes from the train station before stumbling upon The Exchange Bar & Grill, complete with a deck where we enjoyed the sunny skies with drink in hand.

Soon it was time to head to the ferry (a quick 5 minute walk from the bar) to whisk us away to the island.  We had heard the ferry had amazing Bloody Mary’s (what an odd thing, right?) but that may have been the most accurate recommendation we’ve ever received!  We would definitely recommend at least one, or well maybe two, for the ~75 minute cruise to the island. Be sure to sit on the back of the boat so you can catch an amazing sunset!

Block Island | Ferry to Block Island

All aboard for the Block Island Express!

Four bloody marys and one sunset please.

Four Bloody Mary’s and one sunset, please.

After docking on the island we made quick work dropping our bags at our B&B (see below) and strolled through the downtown district looking for a place to grab dinner.  We had heard good things about Eli’s and its delicious seafood selection, but also heard they only had 12 tables so securing dinner there seemed unlikely.  Since it was a little later we decided to stop by and were lucky enough to snag a table!  Our first night concluded with some delicious ice cream for dessert at The Ice Cream Place .

Block Island | Eli's

Eli’s | Block Island

What's your flavor?

What’s your flavor?

Block Island | Giant Ice Cream Sandwich at the Ice Cream Place!

Giant ice cream sandwich at The Ice Cream Place!


For the ultimate New England weekend experience we researched bed and breakfast options on the island.  While there is an endless number of options, we opted for The Sea Breeze Inn after seeing beautiful pictures of the place, including one of breakfast served outside of your room in a basket each morning.  The location was also key, just a quick five minute walk from the main street of New Shoreham (the primary town on Block Island and where the fairy docks).  For the icing on the cake they provide bike rental for guests, which we used as our primary means of transportation for the weekend.

Block Island | Sunrise from Sea Breeze Inn

Sunrise from Sea Breeze Inn

Saturday August 29th

The morning began with the highly anticipated breakfast basket at the door to our room.  We decided to join Emily and JC outside and enjoy the breakfast with the amazing view of the ocean.

Block Island | Breakfast in a Basket at Sea Breeze Inn, Block Island

Breakfast in a Basket, right at your doorstep! Large feet not included.

After finishing the delicious breakfast we jumped on our bikes and started our quest to bike around the whole island (about 7 miles, including one section with a challenging hill).  Our first stop was the Southeast Lighthouse, a beautiful brick lighthouse built in the 1870’s but moved 300 feet inland (the entire structure at once)in 1993 due to erosion of the nearby bluffs thanks to the high winds.

Block Island | Southeast Lighthouse

The beautiful Southeast Lighthouse

Block Island | Biking around the island

Biking around the island is a perfectly acceptable means of transportation (even preferred!)

Our next stop were the beautiful and impressive Mohegan Bluffs.  We made the treacherous climb down to the beach It starts out easy with a stair structure but closer to the beach a rope is used to make the final descent down the bluffs. Yes, it was just an old rope.  Once on the beach we decided to go for a nice dip in the ocean and lay out to soak in some rays. A great start to the day!

Block Island | Mohegan Bluffs

Mohegan Bluffs

After getting our fill of the beach and the time getting close to lunch we continued our ride around the island, eventually making it to the north shore for lunch at the highly recommended Dead Eye Dick’s.  Being in the Northeast, we knew lobster would be a key staple of the weekend and the renown lobster BLT at Dead Eye Dick’s was calling our name.  Hands down, we will never look at another BLT the same.  After lunch we biked over to The Oar for some mudslides and a few rounds of corn hole.  (This was a great afternoon activity but the mudslides resulted in no photographic evidence!)

Block Island | Block Island Boat Basin

Checking out the north shore where several docks are home to small and large boats

Block Island | Lobster BLTs at Dead Eye Dick's

The unbelievable Lobster BLT at Dead Eye Dick’s

We eventually made out way back to the Sea Breeze Inn and cleaned up for dinner.  Still craving seafood, we went to Beachhead based on a friend’s recommendation.  Since the restaurant was a bit further away and we weren’t too excited to ride bikes down the winding roads at night, we opted for a taxi ride to dinner.  We had to wait a few minutes for an outside table to open up, so we found ourselves at the bar ordering a pre-dinner drink while the bartender perfomed some amazing magic tricks. Magically, it was soon time to be seated and indulge in more delicious New England lobster. After closing the place down we made our way back to the B&B, finally concluding a day full of seafood and sun.

Block Island | Lobster Dinner at Beachhead

Lobster Dinner at Beachhead

Sunday August 30th

We started Sunday off with a basket of breakfast once again dropped off at our door before hopping on our bikes for another day of exploration.  Our mission for the day was to bike all the way to the northern tip of the island, about a 4+ mile bike ride away.  The morning was much warmer than the previous day and the bike ride on Corn Neck Road was not as enjoyable as the day before thanks to the hills.  By the time we made it to the end of the island the girls were ready to hit the beach and soak in the rays.  The boys opted to walk the remaining half mile to Block Island North Light and check out the lighthouse up close before meeting the girls on Mansion Beach.

Block Island | Block Island North Light

Block Island North Light

Block Island

Soaking up the rays

After spending a couple of hours on the beach we decided it was time to head back to New Shoreham for one last lunch at the historic National Hotel.  We enjoyed the last lobster of the weekend while sitting on the hotel patio and people watching the main street.

Soon it was time to catch the ferry back to the mainland and then the train back into the city. A wrap of the weekend for the Weekend Trip Society.

Block Island | National Hotel

The historic National Hotel

(De)parting words of advice:

  • No car needed for this adventure.
  • Able to get in a good amount of time for a two day trip thanks to preplanning all transportation.
  • Seafood, seafood, and eat some more seafood.
  • Been to the Hampton area a couple of times? This is a great new experience just an hour further out.

Block Island | Rhode Island

Block Island, Rhode Island

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